How to Apply for the PSG Grant

The PSG grant is one of the best initiatives offered by the government of Singapore. It will not only help businesses to elevate but also help them achieve the expensive solutions. The process is also simple and convenient. Therefore, for an SME (Small and medium enterprise) it is a great opportunity. However, many SMEs ask the same question: What are the required documents for a PSG grant? To answer this question, we have mentioned all the required documents for a PSG grant. Let’s look at them.

Required documents for PSG Singapore

●       An Invoice

An invoice is one of the things that you need, in order to apply for a PSG grant or digital marketing grant. Every business whether it is an SME (Small and Medium enterprise) or an established business, has an invoice for products sold. These invoices are stored in business records. And are required at the time of applying for a PSG grant.

●       A bank statement indicating payment to a PSG pre-approved vendor

The third step of applying for a PSG grant is selecting the best company out of the PSG pre-approved vendor list. In this step, you need to search and select the company according to your business needs. Now in order to apply for a PSG grant, you also need to pay the amount similar to the quotation you received from the company. And, submit the bank statement of the same payment to successfully apply for the PSG grant.

●       A screenshot of your business name with the name of the solution

Another important document is a screenshot of your business name with the name of the solution. For example, if your business name is ABC enterprise and you applied for an IT solution, then you need to upload a screenshot of your business name, i.e ABC enterprise, and your solution name, i.e. IT solution and you are ready to submit the application.

The bottom line

Apart from the above-mentioned required documents, other documents could be needed, including the license number for the digital solutions and the purchase order. One thing should also be noted, there is a waiting period before approval. So, it might take some time before you can leverage the benefits. Also, you can visit the MediaOne marketing website to know more about the PSG grant. They are one of the companies on the PSG grant vendor list.

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