Tips for Choosing a PSG Grant Vendor

There are lots of challenges business owners face. One of the commonest is capital for expansion and other business activities. This is why most businesses take advantage of grant offers. In Singapore, the government created different schemes to help small businesses grow. One of the schemes or incentives is known as the Productivity Solutions Grant. With this grant, business owners have been able to move their business to the next level. These PSG grants given by the government of Singapore are for eligible businesses to adopt digital services to improve their business.

PSG pre-approved vendor list  

This is a list that contains government PSG pre approved vendor list or companies that offer digital or internet technology solutions to businesses. One trusted company on this PSG grant vendor list is the MediaOne digital marketing agency. This digital marketing agency provides Singaporeans with exciting digital marketing services such as branding, web design, and search engine optimization. With these services, business growth is certain.

Importance of digital marketing solutions to businesses 

The digital or internet technology services of MediaOne digital marketing agency mentioned above have lots of benefits to any business. We live in a digital world where people – targeted audiences are online and spend a lot of time on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If your business is not visible on these platforms, you will not have many customers. This will reduce your sales and growth in general.

This is the major reason for every business. With digital services such as branding, people will get to know who you are or what product you are selling. A good online brand easily gets people’s trust and people love to buy from who they trust. With this in place, you will get more sales.

How to qualify for Productivity Solutions Grant PSG in Singapore 

There are different requirements to meet for your business to be eligible. You must have a Singapore registered business number, be a Singapore resident, or have a working or employment permit. Also, your business must have less than 200 employees. You can find more about the requirements on the MediaOne digital marketing agency website.

Digital marketing grant 

When you are eligible, you can get a digital marketing grant from MediaOne digital marketing agency which is a PSG vendor. So, you can enjoy all their digital services mentioned above by spending just a token. The PSG Singapore grant already covers more than 70% of the expense.

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