What You Should Know before Taking Your Baby in Daycare

With the average length of maternity leave revolving around 12 weeks, many moms return to work once the baby is six weeks of age. In this case, it’s in the best interest of both parents to find the best preschool in Singapore to leverage. However, this is one of the hurdles to overcome since they must also make ample preparation before the start of daycare.

Although it is an essential and exciting development for a parent and child, many mothers are overwhelmed with the entire process. And this is easy to see considering different things come into play if families are to have a great first day.

Nevertheless, you can still get through it provided you follow a thoughtful approach. To help you get started, here are two things to know when preparing for daycare:

Know What to Bring

In most instances, the best preschool in Singapore will share all the specifics of what you need to pack.  But in general, you should remember to pack diapers, pacifiers, wipes, infant milk formula, and any other medication your baby is currently taking.

Remember to also include some comfort items for your child to make things easier for your daycare provider.  Be sure to label everything you pack with your child’s name to avoid losing them.

Your Child Risks Struggling with Attachment

The first day in child care is a big transition for your toddler, and you’ll want it to go smoothly. But your child might take time to get used to drop-offs, and many cry when their parents leave. We understand that the sight of your child crying is a little hard on the heart, but the same also happens to others.

If your child seems to be struggling with attachment, you can spend longer periods away from them. You can start doing this in the days and weeks leading up to the first day under child care. Ensure to prolong your absence as it has an essential role in the transition into a full day. Before you know it, your baby is no longer crying or holding on to you during drop-offs.

In Summary

The first day at child care is always stressful and full of feelings for many parents. But once you collect all the information prior, you can never spend most of your time worrying. Instead, the bond that develops between your family and the daycare provider will be a viable source of support and community.

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