What You Need to Know About Sea Burial

After losing a loved one, family members and friends feel a deep sense of loss and an innate desire to honor the memory of the person they love and cherish. Everyone wants to remember them for who they were and recall every time they spent together. It is for this reason that most families decide to personalize a funeral.

One of the most unique way to honor a loved one is through sea burial. Even though burial at sea is not that common when compared to a burial on land, it is still an option worth considering. This is mostly the case if your loved one had a special connection to the sea. In this article, we will take you through some of the things you need to know about sea burial.

Civilian Vessel

If your loved one was not a veteran, then family members will have to charter a vessel through a burial at sea provider. However, you need to go through and official provider thus making sure the vessel is Coast Guard Inspected for comfort and safety. In addition, you ought to choose a vessel intimate enough to accommodate everyone attending the funeral. The secret lies in seeking the services of a reputable sea burial Singapore company and you are good to go.

Determine the Form of Burial

The most common form of sea burial is scattering of the cremated body. For this, the family has to facilitate a private service onboard after which they can scatter the ashes and place wreaths or flowers in the water. Things tend to be different when you want to bury a full body at sea since you must get a licensed funeral director to oversee the care and custody of the body until you’re done with the burial. You can always ask the preparation of the body to be done using non-toxic chemicals. As for the casket or burial cloth, ensure it is biodegradable.

Final Thoughts

In case you or a loved one is interested in burial at sea, it is always better to make your wishes known earlier enough. Either communicate your wish to your family or have a word with a knowledgeable funeral professional who can take you through the entire process of planning ahead for burial at sea. The more information you share, the easier the funeral planning process will be.

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