Marko Stout: The Famous Celebrity Pop Artist

Marko Stout is a name that you will constantly come across especially when talking about modern urban life and industrial pop style in New York City. Many talented people are strictly confined to one specific field with some even facing quite a number of limits and boundaries. For Mark Stout, limitations and boundaries are not part of his dictionary since he fits in any field that he decides to venture in. His production line includes paintings, films, sculptures, photography, video and work from print. Actually, he has been able to conquer any filed that he ventures in, making him no different from Andy Warhol.

Many experts have compared the work of Marko Stout with those of Andy Warhol as they both appear to rely on the silk screen process. Marko makes use of models photographs as a source of inspiration for his metal paintings. All this is made possible by integrating digital technology in his work thus achieving the desired artistic effect. He then goes on to fix the masterpiece in an aerospace grade aluminium, making his trademarks more vibrant and modern.

Marko’s early life was not as ordinary as most people may think. This is because he used to live in a houseboat and spent most of his time with a neighbour drinking and smoking weed. Marko’s neighbour taught him what he knows today while at the same time giving him motivation to venture into the art world. He eventually begun selling artistic work in his gallery before finally making it in the field. He has been able to hold solo exhibitions with the last one held in New York City attracting celebrities, several fans and international collectors.

Marko Stout has a widespread following of celebrity fans with the renowned Kardashians leading the list. Other most notable celebrity fans of Marko include Pussycat Dolls lead singer Kaya Jones, Carson Kressley, Stormy Daniels and Taylor Cohen. These are just some of the celebrity fans who are in love with Stout’s artistic pieces. Marko Stout’s celebrity fans have from time to time posted brief YouTube videos praising his artistic works. This has really helped him since he is able to reach out to new fans without using any marketing technique.



Marko Stout

A look into Marko Stout’s official website will show you how popular he is among young people from all corners of the earth. It is also here where you can catch a glimpse of the different artistic pieces he sells to people. All his artistic works have been mentioned and posted on the site thus you do not have to search for long before getting what you need. To many, Marko Stout will continue being their Andy Warhol so long as he continues working on his projects. Any person who does not know more about Marko Stout should follow him on him social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Through these platforms, you can monitor his whereabouts while at the same time checking any new artistic piece that he has designed.

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