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Search engine optimization or SEO is a concept that is becoming more important lately, especially as a result of knowing that the vast majority of visits to a website come from search engines such as those mentioned above. Everyone wants more visits, but how to get them? And how to make these visits become customers? For this companies have created their search engine optimization service, SEO.

If you are not on the first page you do not exist, currently 80% of users do not go to the second page because they find the information they need on the first page, because of this it is essential to have a good SEO positioning. But we are not only going to be on the first page, but we are going to fight inside this first page to be in the first position, performing SEO positioning actions day after day.

With the cheap SEO services Marketing1on1, they will make your website your best selling weapon. Starting with the correction of all the errors that your website may have for search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, they will set up an internal link strategy, create or modify the quality content to optimize it and finally create external links (backlinks), with special emphasis on the creation of links.


The creation of links or Link Building is a branch of SEO in which you try to get a certain number of links from third party sites pages to your. Why? Because Google and other search engines grant you a level of popularity according to the number of people (other websites) that talk about you or quote you directly. But beware, this terrain is increasingly steep.

Although Google has repeatedly said that it considers its profession (SEO) as a practice to teach people how search engines work and what needs to be done to respect Google’s rules, it is true that Google does not likes spammers or sites that sell links. Therefore, what web positioning companies usually do is try to promote the client’s brand through quality content so that others want to link to their content for free. When someone reads quality content or finds exactly what they want after searching on Google, they can be encouraged to share it because they have left satisfied. Thus, it increases the number of incoming links without having paid for them, what has been paid is the work of content creation.

The cheap SEO services Marketing1on1 study every precise factor for proper and accurate implementation to position their customers in the first results of Google. Each factor in the algorithm is necessary to know if we want to appear in the first results of the first page, for this we emphasize the factors of On-Page search engine positioning and Off-Page web positioning, both internally on the website and externally. Necessary to strengthen visibility and increase reputation for Google and users. Affordable SEO company marketing1on1 will get Google to position you at number 1.

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