What You Need to Know about Lead Generation Tools

When we talk about Lead Generation tools, we assume that we are cutting our pockets. Well, although it is not completely true, people still think that way. Lead generation tools are great softwares that helps businesses in generating leads, which then can be converted into potential sales.

With the help of these lead generation softwares, businesses are shaping their revenues. Not only that but it is now easier to identify and track potential customers, thanks to the growing technology. To help you get started with lead generation tools, we have jotted down some of the best lead generation softwares that are affordable as well as effective.

Some of the Best Lead Generation Software

Finding a pocket-friendly lead generation tool is not easy. There are hundreds of tools available online to get started with. Thankfully, we have researched for you. Here are some of the best pocket-friendly lead generation tools to get started with.

1.      HubSpot Sales

The ability to track email openings is one of HubSpot Sales’ finest tools. HubSpot Sales has a Gmail extension that lets you choose which emails you want to track. Then, whenever a prospect opens an email, you’ll get a notification. That way you can engage with the best possible leads and convert them into potential buyers. HubSpot sales packages are also very affordable and easy to use.

2.      Global Database

With an online platform that features a powerful filtering system, Global Database provides reliable and up-to-date information about businesses. Global Database is an email and form collection tool. Therefore it also allows you to fine-tune your lead capture forms. By gathering contact information from businesses that match your ideal lead profile, you can find out whether they are in a certain financial situation, credit risk, market position, or digital presence.

3.      MailChimp

MailChimp is an excellent email marketing tool, which furnishes you with a plethora of benefits such as you can create custom email opt-in forms, 12000 emails per month capacity and much more. The price starts from as low as 14$ per month, which is pretty decent for a new business to start with.

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