Sukanto Tanoto: The Notorious and Greedy Billionaire

Sukanto Tanoto is one of the few names that you will ever hear when visiting Indonesia. This man has quite a number of businesses especially in the lumber industry. It is for this reason that he is ranked as one of the wealthiest men in Indonesia.  Having a close look at Sukanto Tanoto may make one think that he is a normal business man who performs his duties effectively. However, this is quite the opposite of what he really is especially to any person who has worked closely with him. Most people will tell you that he is a very notorious businessman who does not care about other people.

Sukanto Tanoto is a backstabber who does not seem to care about the wellbeing of family members or friends. All he things about is how to grow his businesses and become the richest man in the world. Sukanto Tanoto backstabbing did not just start recently as he has a very bad relationship with family members. If you are a keen follower of Sukanto Tanoto, then you probably know what he did to his brother’s daughter and wife. Sukanto Tanoto with his greed took everything that they had and used it to make a name out of himself. This inhuman act left the poor widow and daughter with nothing to call theirs.

Sukanto Tunanto’s inhuman and greedy acts did not end with his late brother’s wife. He has actually gone ahead to take what other people own through fraudulent acts. Any person who tries to oppose him will have to deal with his ruthless men who are ready to do anything for him. For instance, he violated human rights by detaining one of his workers (Rick Van Lee) who had actually done nothing. It is people like Sukanto Tanoto that are making others to live a miserable life yet they can actually get something. People should therefore stand up against people like Sukanto Tanoto if we are to live a happy life. Failure to this, we will continue living a miserable life while the chosen few enjoy what is not theirs.

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