Challenges Of Customer Relationship Management

In interview with Pua Chieh Sze of Customer Capital Consulting, she covers how to build a successful customer experience. The radio interview involving Customer Capital Consulting discusses about how the social services sector is digitalising. MoneyFM radio talks to Pua Chieh Sze of Customer Capital Consulting about her background spans consulting in Asia Pacific and she’s a recognized expert on best practice CRM vendor solutions. She’s also successfully managed numerous business and technology implementation projects. She has served as a client advisor, lead strategist, program director, trainer, and executive series educator.

How Customer Capital Consulting is helping to digitalise social services.The social services sector faces many challenges, including increasing demand, increased complexity, and increasingly tech-savvy service users. And yet, despite all this, many organizations have been unable to implement effective solutions and leverage technology to achieve their business goals. To learn more, read the full interview with PuaChieh Sze of Customer Capital Consulting.

Customer Relationship Management in short CRM is a business strategy used to manage the interactions and relationships of both prospective and current customers of a company. Improving the relationship between customers and an organization is the sole goal of this strategy. With it in place, businesses of all types and sizes can improve their profits, streamline their processes, and stay connected to their customers.

Many companies find it difficult to implement CRM into their business because of cost. When they consider the cost of buying and installing new software or system, they tend to give up. The cost of training their employees on how to use the software is another challenge they face. If this is your challenge, then you should contact the Customer Capital Consulting firm in Singapore that has an affordable fee for installing the software that will manage and connect you and your customers easily to increase profits. You don’t have to disassociate yourself again from this as it has a high return on investment when performed by this consulting firm.

This is another challenge most businesses face when CRM is in view. The fear of having their entire business changed scares them. Again, you don’t need to experience this challenge if the Customer Capital Consulting firm is implementing CRM for you. Their CRM system is designed in a way transition will have no impact. Secondly, they offer training to your employees to learn the new software. So, if your old staff is leaving, the new ones will be trained in such a way that the absence of the going employees won’t have much effect. It is important to note that the training offered by this firm is easy to learn so your business will have no break in profit-making.

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