What You Need to Know about SEO for eCommerce

In the current trend, e-commerce websites and businesses are focusing on paid search instead of organic search through SEO. Indeed, it is a big mistake. A paid search brings a number of issues with itself that include limited period effect, very stiff competition, and excessive budget. The impact of your business shuts down instantly as soon as the ads stop running. Then what do you need to grow your business on a long-term plan? It’s a long term SEO-strategy for your e-commerce site. SEO for e-commerce not only costs quite less as compared to paid search, but it also opens you to great success in the long term.

What is SEO for e-commerce site?

SEO for ecommerce refers to the process of making your online visible on the search results. You want to let your e-commerce site appear at a good ranking on the search results page when people search about your business.

Even if you are using paid search strategy, you can get the same amount of traffic on your site that you get using SEO. But what differentiates these two is the effective duration of both these traffic generating strategies. With a proper SEO strategy for your site, you can generate traffic that will stay longer than the traffic generated by paid search.

SEO for Ecommerce Site The Complete Guide

A brief guide to your SEO strategy for your e-commerce site

  • Keyword research

To get your e-commerce site higher in the search result pages, you need to do proper keyword research in your niche. Keywords convey any other SEO activity going on your site. Also, Keywords help you a lot in optimizing your product or category pages. There are different keyword research tools available on the internet. Using a high-quality keyword research tool, you can find the perfect keywords for your product or category pages.

  • Focus on the On-page SEO of your e-commerce site

Follow the six-step strategy to optimize the On-page SEO of your e-commerce site properly.

  • Optimize your title tags
  • Include click magnet words to improve the CTR
  • Optimize your description tag
  • Optimize your product and category pages
  • Use average lengthy content (approx 1000-1500 words)
  • Use proper keywords in proper density

E-commerce social media hacks for SEO

Social media plays a vital role in the development of your business due to the huge impact of the internet. Below, we have provided you with some simple social media hacks to improve the SEO for your e-commerce website.

  • Avoid posting one-dimensional content
  • Curate and recycle your old content
  • Link your e-commerce site with the social e-commerce, and
  • Interact with influencers

In case you are not finding these tricks working for your business, you can visit the Singapore e-commerce store and get some more ideas. Continue reading about e-commerce SEO here.

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