What You Need to Know About Bak Kwas (CNY 2023)

The Chinese New Year (CNY) and the madness accompanying it is now upon us once again. This is the time of the year when Singaporeans jostle with crowds and queue for long hours merely because they are in dire need of the ‘branded’ traditional bak Kwa. From Lim Chee Guan and Fragrance to more peculiar varieties like pineapple bak Kwa, you can never run out of option.

However, buying the best Bak Kwa Singapore might cost you a little extra this year. And this traces back to the GST hike and rising inflation that’s forcing various establishments to increase their prices. Things are no different for most bak Kwa shops in Singapore as they are also following suit.

The good news is there are numerous wallet-friendly bak Kwa brands in Singapore worth your attention. Below are some of the most notable ones for CNY 2023.

Bee Cheng Hiang

A household brand in Singapore, Bee Cheng Hiang boasts numerous celebrity endorsements that it has secured over the years. The most affordable Bee Cheng Hiang you should consider buying is the Minced Pork type that goes for $62/kg. Things are somewhat different with the regular pork and chicken varieties since they all go for $64/kg, while all chili flavors cost more.

Lim Chee Guan

Not many Singaporeans know that Lim Chee Guan offers a wide range of products. Actually, they have you covered from land to sea, with the best Bak Kwa Singapore options ranging from the regular pork to chicken, prawn, beef, and fish. They have four outlets, 2 in Chinatown, 1 at ION Orchard and 1 at Jewel Changi Airport.

While prices have significantly increased by about 8-12% since last CNY, Lim Chee Guan’s Bak Kwa options remain wildly popular. It is normal to find people queueing for hours for it, and they usually sell out by 10am. If by any chance you want to get your hands on some, be sure to go really early in the morning or pre-order it online.

For those who might find it difficult in buying the best Bak Kwa Singapore products, then you should look no further than New Peng Hiang. Established in 1984, New Peng Hiang is the only company in Singapore that manufacturers a wide range of barbecued meat or more commonly known as ‘Bak Kwa’ and floss products. Check it out today to uncover more!

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