Top Emerging Trends in Healthcare

The Covid-19 pandemic has typically exposed vulnerability at health care organizations across the globe on critical issues which include equipment, safety as well as infrastructure. It’s very apparent that going alone in terms of depending on an organization’s own supply lines and capabilities isn’t possible.

This has in turn led to ad hoc collaborations with healthcare providers, suppliers and non-healthcare companies jumping in to deliver resources and capacity to address the crisis. So, below are a few top emerging healthtech trends you should know about.

Payers Shifts

With Covid-19 throwing historical utilization rates, projections are nearly becoming impossible to calculate. It’s for this reason that employers, providers as well as payers are forced to consider utilization, rates and risk too as they model their coming years. Employers are generally experiencing hardship in funding their current plans and considering shifts in plan design or reduction of benefits.

As a result, they may have to increasingly look to partner with provider and payer organizations or leverage healthtech developmentsto manage costs as well as the health of their teams. Providers on the other hand will certainly need to continue collaborating with payers to advance low cost, high-quality care and with a focus on growing ambulatory as well as vital care services so as to adapt to patients’ evolving needs.

Furthermore, payers will have to shape their investments and plan designs to drive high-quality virtual care and increasingly recognize home as a path for care while still managing their networks for high acuity and chronic care pathways. You can read more about Singapore health technology at

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

AI and automation are basically taking hold in health care at an accelerated rate just as they are in other fields such as retail, media and banking too. It’s for this reason that you may need to watch out for the quality and efficiency in radiology. AI is typically having an amazing impact in radiology with convenient solutions to reduce redundant tasks, identify data patterns and also eliminate bias-based reading errors. No wonder it is among the best innovations in Singapore health tech.

For instance, a GE Healthcare partnership with Intel normally aims to enhance patient care and reduce costs for hospital and health systems using digital imaging solutions, deployed via edge as well as cloud. Together, such companies anticipate their solutions and can possibly offer greater hospital efficiency through increased asset performance, reduced patient risk as well as dosage exposure.  Be sure to visit to find out more about trends in health technology.

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