Top 5 reasons to choose True Refrigeration commercial fridge

The durable and supreme quality of commercial refrigeration systems is the demand of every premium restaurant, bar, and grocery store. Your business might be dependent on the kind of refrigerators that are used in professional kitchens.

One of the well-known brands to get the highest quality products for refrigeration needs is True Refrigeration. Several cafes and restaurants only use the refrigeration systems provided by this brand. Moreover, the company repaints the exterior, based on the requirement of different store owners.

Here are the 5 common reasons to choose a commercial fridge manufactured by a True Refrigeration brand:

  1. Comprehensive quality-control practices

Each refrigerator made by the company undergoes a 3-day test to check the quality and guarantee its functionality. If something needs to be changed to make the refrigerator fridges better for keeping cold temperature, then the technicians work those products again and ensure the customers get be equipment that meets their requirements.

  1. Colder Temperatures

The refrigeration fridges made by the brand usually function at a temperature between 0.5-3.3 degrees. The food and beverages stored by our customers get cold at a faster speed. Moreover, a good cold temperature can improve the flavor of the food items and makes them maintain their quality for a long time.

  1. Durable shelving units

On the interiors, our fridge features PVC-bonded systems. The manufacturers have carefully built refrigeration systems that can withstand the daily wear and tear. There is heavy-duty steel on every shelf that can contain more than 250 lbs. Moreover, the company uses the same refrigeration fridges and ensures they all work for several years without any issue.

  1. Double-paned glass doors

The company manufactures refrigeration systems with double-paned glass doors so that their customers don’t compromise on proper insulation. Hence, you are sure to receive the desirable aesthetic with all the important functionalities.

  1. Unmatched foam insulation

The manufacturers ensure to provide heavy-duty foam insulation so that the refrigeration fridges can operate at low temperatures. The product that is created from high-density Ecomate polyurethane can preserve cold air so that the food and beverages can remain cold.


We hope now you understand the common reasons to choose True Refrigeration fridge systems.

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