Tips For A Killer Product Announcement (SaaS)

Writing an effective product announcement is as important as the product itself. There’s no way your customers can really make a good use of  your new functionalities if they never find out about them in the first place. This is especially the case when it comes to startups and SaaS businesses.

If you run a company where technological advances are the core of its business purpose, new products and features are not only difficult to market, but they can also go unnoticed. That mostly happens when customers are too focuses on the products they are already using. In this simple guide, we will examine the top tips for a killer SaaS product announcement.

Know Your Target Audience

To craft a successful SaaS product announcement, you will first have to define who is it that you are addressing. There are two different figure for SaaS companies that sell digital services or those that work on a subscription basis.  They include the email subscriber and the paying subscriber or the customer who is paying for the company’s services every month.

Take it upon yourself to prepare a product announcement for your ideal target audience. This way, you can not only update them on new services of features that may interest them, but they also get to see that you’re constantly working to improve your clients’ experience.

Write a Compelling Subject Line

Writing a compelling subject line is vital for making a powerful product announcement. Also, it helps you stand out and catch the eye of an email-saturated user who receives a huge amount of emails only. Either way, never fall into the temptation of writing a clickbait subject line that will make the use click on your email only to end up disappointed merely because he was expecting something better.

The Bottom Line

Writing an effective SaaS product announcement doesn’t have to be stressful as it sounds. While a lot goes into a killer product announcement, it all narrows down to taking it upon yourself to do your homework. Be sure to write a compelling subject line, create a compelling screenshot, and craft a compelling description.

The simple things you choose to do will certainly ensure you get the most from your SaaS product announcement. Be sure to see these beneficial SaaS product announcement recommendations and see how they can help you drive business growth.

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