The History of Cloth Patches is amazing

If you follow current trends keenly, chances are you already know how popular embroidered patches have become. Nowadays, it is not surprising to come across a person whose outfit has awesome patches attached on. Furthermore, there are numerous online stores such as Netro Patches that focus fully on selling good quality custom patches. But what are patches? In simple language, a patch is an embroidered piece of cloth you can attach using a pin or sewn on to fabric. However, innovations in the world of technology mean you can now make use of modern methods such as Velcro, adhesive or Iron-on.

The history of patches dates back to thousands of years back as an important identification tool for uniformed personnel such as the military. Military patches were full of metaphor (up to now) from the images to colors. For instance blue and green mean loyalty, white means peace and gold stands for generosity. Today, they are a common figure in sports teams, government organizations and businesses that want to create brand awareness. No wonder the popularity of professional custom patch manufactures such as Net pro patches continue to rise as more people discover the benefits of using embroidered patches.

Some may wonder how embroidered patches ended up becoming popular. Well, it all started in the early ‘60s when a group of young people were protesting against the Vietnam War. After that, it became the norm for people to protest using flower head hands, peace signs and of course patches. Despite not being intentional, these affected trends across the entire world considering it was not all about morals but fashion as well.  It is then that people started attaching patches on second-hand clothes thus making it one of the most popular trends.

In Conclusion

Patches are now used in sending a clear fashion statement while at the same time creating a good first impression. You can get your custom patches from, a professional custom patch manufacturer. With their services, you do not have to worry about getting good value for your money since they value quality more than anything else. We got our patches from and are very happy for what they did. To enjoy the same benefits, simple pay a visit to the official website of Netro Patches after which you can place an order at any particular time of the day you find appealing.

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