Services Offered by StoreHub Self Storage Facility

StoreHub is regarded as one of the best self storage Singapore companies. They have achieved multiple awards such as the best self-storage company in Singapore and many more. And it is of no surprise as they have been in the industry for 19 years. The quality services are top-notch, they have personal self-storage services to wine self-storage services. No wonder they are the undisputed king in Singapore storage space. With such quality results, let’s dive deep into the services offered by StoreHub.

Services offered by StoreHub

●       Personal Storage

StoreHub is a storage facility that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll probably need a little extra room from time to time, no matter how big your house is, so make sure it’s always there when you need it with one of our own extra storage Singapore units. Personal storage services are particularly for Home furniture or home items.

●       Business Storage

As the name suggests, Business storage services are for businesses. The extra space provided by self-storage units is much more affordable than the traditional warehouses. Thus, it drastically helps small businesses with cost-saving and provides a secure place to store products or items.

●       Lifestyle Storage

You need separate storage for your merchandise and stock in order to stay organized and keep track of your business’s sales transactions. And to solve that problem, StoreHub has a lifestyle storage service for you. With StoreHub, you will have a secure storage space to store your merchandise or stock.

●       Wine Storage

Who would have thought that storing the bulk amount of wines could be that easy? And also affordable too. Although StoreHub doesn’t directly store wine in their self-storage units, they have tie-ups with Winebanc. Winebanc furnishes its users with a safe and cool wine storage space.

●       Document storage

No matter how big or small your business is, you will probably need a secure place to store your important documents or products. Therefore, you need to consider StoreHub, as they are known for security in the market. You can contact the team of StoreHub, In order to keep archived documents in a secure place.


In Singapore, these self-storage companies are not only helping the businesses by also helping the individuals. If you are the one looking for self-storage services, then look no further than StoreHub, they have the industry’s best services with affordable pricing. You can visit the StoreHub website to get more ideas.

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