Quick Tips for Treating Kids with a Cold Flu

When temperatures begin to turn colder and children are inside interacting with each other in greater numbers, cold and flu seasons inevitably follows. Yes, you may know when a cold or flu season is approaching but that doesn’t make it easier when you see your little one struggling with a cough and stuffy nose,

Since cold and flu are viral infections, it’s obvious that antibiotics can’t help to clear up an infection. So, how do you help protect your child from cold and flu without the hassle. Let’s look at a few steps you can take to help your child feel better while the immune system battles the virus.

Know What to Give and When

Adults can easily take cold and cough medications, but the Food and Drug Administration recommends children under the age of two against taking over the counter cold and cough medication.  If your child develops a fever and is under the age of two, it’s ideal  to call their pediatrician to first determine if you need to give any medication and how much you may need to administer.

Ask your child’s pediatrician if the child may need medication. If they are recommended to take medication it’s also important to check the dosing information while using children’s  Sambucol as they may be different.  Sometimes the child’s pediatrician may recommend giving multiple medications at one time. Inthis case it’s wise you read the labels of all medications carefully to avoid accidental overdose.

Preventing Cold and Flu

After you’ve done the necessary requirements and your child recovers from a cold or flu, it’s also ideal you consider the prevention mode. Ensure you wash all the surfaces they came into contact with before or during their sickness. It’s also fundamental you encourage your children and other family members to regularly wash their hands to keep germs at bay.

You should also consider teaching your child not to share food, drinks or utensils when they eat, as it helps prevent the spread of germs between them and their friends. Whenever your child is ill especially with a fever you should ensure you keep him out of daycare or school. The good news about cold and flu is that they come and go. So, showing your child some loving care and implementing steps to keep them on the mend can help you make it through the cold and flu season.

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