Popular Types of Mental Health Facilities in Utah

There are several different types of mental health facilities and best for you depends on your needs. You may need a facility that fully focuses around short-term stays of a long-term mental health facility in Utah.

Public or private care may also be viable options for you depending on your current situation and on your insurance cover. Regardless of what your mental health concern, there is a mental health facility that can help you. Here are the popular types of mental health facilities in Utah you should know.

Outpatient or Day Treatment Mental Health Facilities

Most mental health facilities in Utah fall into this category and are privately owned. These facilities offer day programs where a patient may choose to visit the facility for treatment. Some of the most popular treatment options at these facilities include medication management, individual therapy, group therapy, and classes teaching you skills to be leveraged in coping with a mental illness.

Day treatment facilities, on the other hand, don’t have patients staying overnight. These types of mental health facilities are ideal for people who have already stabilized their mental health condition. This treatment program could be what a patient enters into after leaving an inpatient psychiatric facility.

Psychiatric Hospitals

A small percentage of mental health facilities in Utah are full psychiatric hospitals and close to half of these are privately owned. These hospitals can be viewed at as general healthcare hospitals in that they’re staffed by doctors, nurses, and other qualified healthcare professionals.

Your stay at a psychiatric hospital may be short or medium length, depending on your sheer ability to pay for mental health services in Utah at this type of facility. Psychiatric hospitals can handle emergency mental health situations and non-emergent cases as well.

Other types of mental health facilities in Utah you should be aware of include separate inpatient units of a general hospital, and residential mental health treatment facility for children or adults. Make sure you understand the pros and cons of each before choosing the ideal one for your needs.

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