Popular Payment Methods in Africa for Buying Bitcoin

The interest in cryptocurrency seems to be growing steadily in Africa. For most economists, it is one of those innovations that will definitely blossom on the content. If you are yet to invest in crypto, there is no other time to start doing so than now. After all, Crypto is not bound by geography since it is internet based.

For those new to Bitcoin investing and want to place your first trade but are unsure where to start, there is no need to panic. With so many Bitcoin exchanges for Africans to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, be rest assured you will never run out of options while looking for the best. Among the best routes you can ever take and avoid the hassle is to buy BTC with M-pesa.

M-Pesa is Africa’s leading mobile phone centered payment network and doubles up as a popular method of payment for buying and selling Bitcoin in large amounts. Introduced in 2007 by Safaricom and Vodafone in Kenya, M-pesa gives customers access to an online wallet with withdrawals, deposits, transfers, micro-financing and payments allowed. Better, the M-Pesa app is available for smartphones in major countries in both iOS and Android devices.

There are two ways to buy BTC with M-pesa i.e. Binance and Paxful. If you plan to buy or trade Bitcoin in high volumes with M-Pesa, it is highly advisable that you count on Paxful for your trading needs. Paxful boasts of Escrow system, security, diverse payment methods, simple user interface (UI) to mention a few. Either way, you are free to choose any other method that you deem viable to buy and sell Bitcoins in Africa.

Other notable Bitcoin exchanges for Africans to buy Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies using local currency include Coindirect, LocalBitcoins, Luno, Remitano to mention a few. The secret lies in examining the pros and cons of each before settling on one. It is then that you will have an easy time while buying and selling Bitcoin in Africa.

The Bottom Line

Even though Africa is rarely mentioned among the largest markets for cryptocurrency, it may be set to steal a march over other markets. That’s why you need to be aware of the best ways to buy and sell Bitcoin in Africa as you anticipate for the future changes. It is then that you won’t be left behind as others benefit from Crypto trading.

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