Marko Stout: The Next Andy Warhol

Marko Stout is an American who is well-known for being a superb artist and fashion icon. If you are into pop music then you can bear witness to the fact that he has an accessible industrial pop style. In addition to this, Marko Stout has unique art pieces and this was evident in his last exhibition where many artists, fans and celebrities came to buy the fine art.

Marko Stout pieces of art mainly focus on New York City and modern urban lifestyle. During his exhibition, you will come across art pieces such as photography, film, sculptures, video, print, paint just to mention a few. With such a unique and edgy approach, Marko tends to draw the attention of many artists all over the world who compare him to Andy Warhol. This is because his artwork has the same features as those of the pop movement in 1960 when Andy Warhol was the talk of town.

However, Marko Stout does not necessarily reinvent the pop art theme of Andy Warhol. Actually what he does is twist the pop style using a unique technique and thus making him unpredictable. For instance, he showcases the tough and vigorous life of New York City using ladies as his subjects and hence distinguishing himself from Andy Warhol. Marko Stout took and still continues to take the art world and New York by storm with his attention catching artworks which focus on urban myth and a touch of sexuality.

Throughout his career, he has been able to get the most out of his art work. One such scenario is when he made a record breaking sale of prints and sculptures to a night club owner and Berlin art dealer.  This action opened Marko Stout to the outside world and is now featuring in Berlin, Miami, London and other international art cities all over the world.

The huge following on social media platforms like Instagram, cult like attention among the youth and huge sales and fan base has many suggesting that he is indeed the new Andy Warhol. This comparison will still remain so long as he continues giving fans what they love.

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