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What happens after a DUI arrest

What happens after driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or DUI arrest? A DUI charge is serious business. When you’re arrested for a DUI, you may think it’s just another traffic violation. What happens when someone gets arrested for DUI? The penalties when arrested for DUI vary depending on the state and local jurisdictions. It can be pretty surprising what happens after an arrest for drunk driving. While most people aren’t going to end up in jail or a rehabilitation facility, some harsh consequences often occur.

Possibilities under DUI charges

Some DUI charges will result in a jail term or other types of penalties. If your case goes to trial and you’re found guilty, you’ll end up with more fines, jail time, or longer suspended licenses. In some states, the penalties for first-time drunk driving convictions can include probation, community service, and alcohol classes. In some cases, you may even have to perform the field sobriety test again. If you do, remember to do it under your attorney’s supervision. The attorney will advise you on what you need to do during the field sobriety test.

The outcome of the field sobriety test is used as evidence against you at trial. The outcome is often used as the sole factor in determining the severity of the DUI charge. When the case is over, and a decision has been reached, many states allow you to retake a test. This means you’ll be required to retake the field sobriety test. Many factors play into the outcome of the retest. These include your current age, blood alcohol content (BAC), how long you’ve been driving, and what happened during the arrest.

Bottom Line

Chemical tests are often used when the police officer cannot determine how much to make an arrest. For instance, if the police officer can smell alcohol on someone’s breath, but they can’t see how intoxicated the person is, the court will use the chemical test to determine the alcohol level. Many states still require a chemical test as proof of intoxication.

There are many other reasons why a breath, urine, or chemical test may be used as evidence in a case. Depending on what happened during the arrest, the penalties will vary. Most DUI cases result in license suspension, fines, and probation; if you’ve been arrested for DUI, no matter the circumstances, don’t risk having your license suspended or revoked.

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