Is a VRF HVAC System Ideal for Your Business?

If you’ve been making do with uncomfortable temperatures, humidity issues and repeated breakdowns, you know it might be the ideal time to consider replacing your air conditioning unit. After all, this decision will help you get ahead of high demand and possibly long wait times when the hot weather hits.

Better, you stand the chance of getting a great deal. Many suppliers will have equipment on hand that didn’t sell over last summer that they’re more than happy to sell for a discounted price to make room for new models. If you’ve done your homework, you might feel overwhelmed with all the new technology available at your disposal.

Today we will help clear some of the confusion and explain one of the acronyms you absolutely should know about for commercial climate control: the VRF HVAC system. VRF stands for ‘Variable Refrigerant Flow,’ and is the latest and greatest in heating and cooling comfort for commercial buildings.

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The VRF-system has the potential to provide both heating and cooling in your space. This is ideal when replacing air conditioning and heating equipment, since one new system can replace both! Not to mention the efficient design of a VRF system means they use considerably less energy.

The VRF HVAC system is air-cooled and refrigerant based, similar to traditional central air systems used for residential and light commercial spaces. They come with outdoor condenser unit and indoor coil units. But the design of VRF HVAC systems is quite different than the older split system.

Rather than having one large, noisy unit pumping out air to the entire space, a VRF HVAC system features several smaller air handlers that can be solely controlled and piped back to one system. This sophisticated system is capable of providing not only cooling, but also heat, and even both simultaneously to different areas within the space.

Now that you have slight insights into what a VRF HVAC system can do for your commercial building, why not consider buying it? That way, you will enjoy the numerous benefits it offers business owners.

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