Influencer and model Elvira Jain bets on new beauty procedures that will change the world in the use of Botox

The procedure promises a result on healthy and natural skin.

Elvira Jain is working on a new beauty technology that will change the world from using Botox or injections to a natural beauty process with the same result, without the use of needles or pain. This process will make the skin healthy and natural. Even this novelty will be launched first in Dubai and India very soon.

The international supermodel as she is known has worked with major brands, appeared on numerous magazine covers and worked on regional campaigns. Recently, she was at the Venice Film Festival as the only guest model from this part of the world. She is part of the casting of models for the Gucci brand campaigns and did a fashion shoot for her not so long ago.

It is worth mentioning that Elvira Jain is the granddaughter of renowned scientist Ion Habasescu who has more than 100 patents, he started his career launching a modeling agency at age 18, after graduating with an MBA from the London Business School. She was discovered by designer Valentina Vidracsu at age 16, still in school, who showed her a glimpse into the world of modeling, leading her to sign with agencies all over the world, from China, Milan, Greece, India and beyond.

Today, Dubai has global recognition as a fashion destination. It is worth remembering that Elvira Jain is one of the stars of the @eluxurytravels brand and already has more than 500 thousand followers on Instagram.
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