Important Things You Should Know About Chinese Orchestra

The Chinese orchestra public performance is an event that you can never risk missing out at any given time. And this is easy to see considering the modern Chinese orchestra is organized along the lines of the Western symphony orchestra. This is in the sense that both have a conductor, full scores, and instruments grouped in sections.

It basically has four sections: bowed string, plucked string, wind and percussion. The Chinese orchestra public performance doesn’t have a brass selections and the Western orchestra does not have a plucked strings sections.

The bowed string sections entail several sizes of erhu-type instruments that are similar to the Western violin family of instruments. Bear in mind the bowed string section is subdivided into two sections and the erhu first chair is the concertmaster.

Remember, the plucked string section is unique to Chinese orchestra and includes instruments like the pipa, guzheng, and yangqin. Plucked Chinese orchestra instruments have always been popular historically in China, and it is this section that most exemplifies the unique sound of the Chinese orchestra.

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The wind section, on the other hand, includes instruments such as sheng, dizi, and suona, which are similar to the Western concert flute, oboe, and organ, respectively. As for the percussion sections, it includes many different types of gongs, cymbals and drums. The Chinese orchestra also includes some Western instruments such as the cello for their suitability to certain types of music.

To better enjoy Chinese orchestra public performance, you should consider taking advantage of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO). After all, it is the only professional national Chinese Orchestra in Singapore. SCO has had numerous opportunities to showcase its talents and music on multiple international platforms.

On the local level, it strives to spread the love of Chinese Orchestra music within the community, Aside from conventional performances at Singapore Conference Hall, SCO performs regularly at various heartlands, parks, communities and schools to reach out to the masses.

To attain and maintain unique signature repertoire, SCO commissions its own compositions and award musical works from the Singapore International Competition for Chinese Orchestral Composition (SICCOC) organized by SCO in 2006, 2011, and 2015, respectively.

Take it upon yourself to visit the official website of SCO and better understand what goes into Chinese orchestra public performance. Things are no different when you want to know more about the numerous Chinese orchestra instruments at your disposal.

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