Different Types of Commercial Air Conditioners You Should Know

You can now never run out of options when in dire need of the best commercial HVAC unit to leverage. With what modern tech offers, we now have different types of air conditionersto choose from depending on your pocket and preferences.

Choosing a good air conditioner might be difficult at some point but if you have a clue of what you need, be rest assured you will make an informed purchase decision. And that’s what this simple guide will help you uncover today. Below is a quick look at some of the different types of commercial HVAC units worth your attention.

Central Air Conditioning

This type of air conditioner is widely used since it is the most preferred air conditioner that you can install in a large room. It boasts the ability to offer cooling effects efficiently by circulating air through the return and supply ducts. Installed on the walls of your commercial building, the supply ducts bring cool air into the promises to deliver the desired cooling effect.

Hybrid Air Conditioner

A hybrid air conditioner works by using a hybrid heat pump thus saving you money and energy. During summer, the heat pump will take heat out of your house and supply it outside thus making your home cool. In the winter, the hybrid pump works by taking air from the environment and evenly circulating it in your commercial building.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Air Conditioner

A more environment friendly air conditioner, the Geothermal heating and cooling air conditioner relies on geothermal energy to restore cool your commercial building. This type of air conditioner works based on the current ground temperature. It is usually consistent at about 55 degrees regardless of the type of weather in your location.

A geothermal air conditioner takes the heat in the ground and supplies it into your house. This air conditioner will cool or heat your commercial building using a geothermal coil, deeply installed in the ground. During winter, heat is taken from the earth into your house to deliver the heat require. In summer heat is distributed back into the ground. With this recurring process, you house will always be cool when there is too much heat and heated when the weather is chilly.

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